Tuesday, 16 September 2014

CD and Cassette bundles

We are now offering two sets of bundles in the Merchandise section of Bandcamp for Autumn.

The cassette bundle consists of:
LN005 - UMEZ - Goodbye My Friend
LN006 - Kostoglotov - Luis Althusser knows why my heart is asunder.
LN007 - NOW - The Tape

Plus the free download of Rainbow Valleys - Oceans track from the sold out split cassette of Rainbow Valley / Pollux.

For just £8 plus postage.

The CD bundle consists of:
Lost Harbours - Hymns & Ghosts
Lost Harbours - Into the Failing Light
Any Love Is Good Love compilation

Plus the free download of the Kostoglotov / Circuit Breaker split album.

For just £15 plus postage.

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