Saturday, 18 February 2012

Circuit Breaker / Kostoglotov

New split cassette from two of London's purveyors of noisy electronic post-rock.

Circuit Breaker
Self confessed Noise Rockers, Circuit Breaker create discombobulated song forms with bratty man-child vocals; a stuttering and static filled howl of noise generated from a variety of electronic devices including home-made guitars, synths, tone generators, drum machines and toys.
Circuit Breaker Blog

Kostoglotov is the solo bedroom recording project of Daryl Worthington. This tape, much like the CDR, split tape (with Liminal Noise Tapes founders/curator Lost Harbours) and abundance of online download releases, was recorded with Dictaphone and digital four track only. This lo-fi approach was born out of fiscal necessity, as much as aesthetic intention. Kostoglotov’s sound is shaped by an equal appreciation of drone, ambient, improvised and homemade music. His ‘songs’ have been played on Minutemen legend and personal hero Mike Watts podcast (twice), and been described by God Is In The TV zine as reminiscent of “an electro soundtrack to an old cartoon called the Ugly Bug Ball”. He chooses to take this as a compliment.
Kostoglotov bandcamp

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